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Risk Management

Smaller investment firms are confronted with the need to implement best practice in risk management with very limited resources.

Clarke Quay can help you to cope in a cost efficient way with CISA / AIFMD requirements by providing an outsourced risk management service. Moreover, we support our clients with consulting and business project management, deployment of part-time or ad-interim risk management executives, coaching and training of internal resources:


  • Risk Management Framework (Context, Scope, Responsibilities)
  • Risk Acceptance Policy
  • Risk-reward Analysis


  • Risk Management Organization
  • Risk Culture and Awareness
  • Comunication


  • Risk Assessments (Identification, Analysis, Evaluation)
  • Approval, Engagement and Escalation Procedures
  • Risk Monitoring and Reporting


  • Key Risk- & Performance Indicators
  • Risk Analylitics
  • Limit system