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Asset Managers and Hedge Funds

Clarke Quay's experience comes from both sides of the fence: Experienced in running risk management of hedge funds, we are also very familiar with the investor's perspective.

Clarke Quay could help you to respond to the increasing requirements for independent, professional, and formalized risk management by:

  • Risk Management Outsourcing
  • Providing a risk executive on a part-time or temporary basis
  • Coaching and training junior staff

With our understanding of how investors ultimately make investment decisions, Clarke Quay can contribute to improving your access to and retention of clients in different ways:

  • Identify the stumbling blocks in your process that may deter investors (mock due-diligence)
  • Adjust communication and reporting on risk matters
  • Help non-European funds to liaise and communicate with European clients

An operational risk and internal control system frameworks will become necessary features of any professional investment platform. Clarke Quay has the expertise and the technology tailored to small- and medium-sized investment operations. For further information, click here.